from the pen of a ready writer…

almost everyday – late at night, I receive a short story via sms from a friend of mine who writes, just long enough to read and short enough to keep my attention span.

thinus wessels is a genius who has had to sacrifice a great deal in life. I admire him for that!

I didn’t ask his permission to repost this but I’m sure he won’t be offended. I just thought more people should have the pleasure of reading his writings.

I’m quite inspired by them because somehow they are a mirror of my process… so much so that they are the feeding tube to many of my latest piano compositions.

I hope they inspire you too!


“to say that he was a boisterous young lad would be to tint and taint the truth as only a wordsmith can. but then, to say that he had absolutely no respect would also be telling only half a story. indeed the young lad had no respect, that much was true, but then, how could you expect a child to have, or even to know, that which he has never been given, or shown. so it was with his story and him, until the day someone sat down and took the time to listen to it. it was then that he learned about respect, not from the many words of his own story, but from the silence, the patience with which that someone else listened to him. and he knew; he wanted to be that someone for someone like him…”

© 2011. thinus wessels.



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